A Cold Christmas Moon

by Joe Johnson

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"A Cold Christmas Moon" by Joe Johnson. Featuring songs by Woody Guthrie, The Haunted Windchimes, The Changing Colors, Don Edwards, Willy Tea Taylor, Jason Miller, The Mexican, Chauncy Crandall, Jim Mize & The Broken Spoke!


Download by donation! As little as $1 or as much as you can give. (PLEASE DIG DEEP) All proceeds from "A Cold Christmas Moon" will be donated to Marian House Life Support Children's Charity.
Marian House Life Support has served as a strong advocate for children in the Pikes Peak region for 30 years. The intent of the Center is to cushion the impact of poverty on infants and children by providing parents with essential living items to keep their children healthy and safe.

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released December 24, 2012

1913 Massacre- This song is meant to remind us all that the greed attached to this season must never go unrecognized. This is a true story Woody wrote about an event that happened 99 years ago but who's spirit is unfortunately alive today. My hope is that this recording and the giving it inspires will help fight that spirit of greed.

Anti-Clause- My first favorite Haunted Windchimes song. Then I found out it was actually The Mexican. Ravi Trujillo must never be overlooked as a songwriter and unique voice.

I'll See You Soon- Tom and Josh came in to make this tune stand out and I really appreciate it. Tom Skora is a songwriters songwriter with a voice that could never be properly given it's due by anyone else. This song makes me wonder how many times it's been a true story for some destitute Nashville songsmith. I bet a bunch.

Coyotes- top ten greatest songs of all time. First hearing it years ago as a young Southern boy made me long for the west. It's sound now still gives me chills.

Swimming Through a Dream- Inaiah Lujan at his abstract and ethereal best! This man's talent as a songwriter and musician is unparalleled...

Leave the Light On- Will Taylor can make me cry and that ain't easy. This song makes me dance and smile, too.

I'm Going Away- Me and Conor go back to way before this song was ever an idea. I saw this song come along with the transformation of his music and himself from Pale Room to Changing Colors. I love his songs and even more his touch and subtly in making a song into a wonderful experience. His brush of "Colored Sound" to this track paints a landscape. Or rather a seascape...

Justified Sins- Chauncy Crandall has been among my favorite voices of this area for many years. People are finally taking note of his talent and it is long overdue. This song is bare bones emotion and honesty, just like Chauncy!

O' Lyda- Jason Miller is my dear friend and favorite true Country songwriter in this area. He is known for the hook, the songwriters best friend. I love this song because it tells the story of the serial killer Lyda Southard and shows a bit of the poetic touch that my friend can bring and it's still got a killer hook!

Let's Go Runnin- A cover of a cover learned from my pal's Blue Mountain and as great a song of hope through despair as I've ever heard. My thanks to Jim Mize (who wrote it) and Fat Possum Records.

Most songs used by permission, all songs used with respect.
Thanks to each artist who gave me permission to record their songs. To those who also appear on this recording, you helped make this project even more enjoyable. Thanks to Blank Tape Records, Inaiah Lujan, Conor Bourgal, and especially Ian Bourgal for volunteering your time to make this happen. Thanks most of all to you the listener for helping feed and clothe children in need by donating to Marian House Life Support Children's Charity. May a new year bring peace for all.

Joe Johnson



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Joe Johnson Colorado Springs, Colorado


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